One Treatment = Results

We promise you’ll see a difference after a single treatment of FDA-approved Scarlet RF.

Show off a natural, healthy you with skin that radiates your inner beauty. Scarlet RF helps you achieve the skin and confidence to live your everyday best.​

Scarlet RF helps you look and feel your best

Scarlet RF uses short-pulse radio frequency technology to deliver bipolar microneedle electrodes deep into the dermal layer of your skin. This powerful energy stimulates dormant collagen and triggers new collagen growth to plump, firm and tighten your skin. 


Minimize pores, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and tighten the skin on your face, chest area, arms, inner thighs and knees


Improve skin texture, reduce scars from acne and other injuries, treat sun damage, and brighten skin tone 


Treat, reverse and prevent a diminished production of collagen typically brought on by the aging process

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Glow on the outside, too

Visible tightening results come immediately after your first treatment. Full results of dermal remodeling appear over time as your skin generates new collagen and elastin fibers

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defy aging with Scarlet RF microneedling skin care at Med Spa Cordova Tennessee

Show off your inner and outer beauty

We know you’re beautiful on the inside. We want you to feel it on the outside, too. 

Scarlet RF helps you slow down the sands of time or vanishes those slight imperfections
that can make us hide behind our hands.

Find your most beautiful you and stop hiding.

skin tightening treatment in Cordova, Tennessee

Excellent results
with little downtime

Scarlet RF empowers physicians to give patients their youngest, freshest look. It tightens and rejuvenates the skin on your face, neck and body. This patented solution tightens skin in fewer treatments that are safer and deliver revolutionary results.

Most of our patients report feeling little or no pain. Our Scarlet RF system delivers energy to the skin very quickly with the shortest healing time among all radio-frequency devices. 

Revolutionary Treatment

Scarlet RF provides a painless non-surgical facelift with no downtime or side effects. Our system delivers a precise, controlled RF energy and immediately coagulates the whole skin layer.

With this technology, we can deliver treatments quicker and more frequently. The patented microneedle electrodes are extremely thin and work with gentle pressure.

It is one of the safest treatments and delivers amazing tightening results.

non-surgical facelift cordova tennessee

Before and After


facelift before and after


facelift after
facelift before

Burn Scar

burn scar after
burn scar before


facelift after
facelift before

Double Chin

double chin after
double chin before

Acne Scar

acne scars before
acne scars after

Skin Laxity

wrinkle and skin laxity after

About Med Spa Cordova

Dr. Perry C. Rothrock is the owner and medical director of Med Spa Cordova. Dr. Rothrock has enjoyed a career of 20-plus years as a dedicated family medicine doctor in Cordova, Tennessee. He received his medical degree from University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Medicine and has continued his post-graduate training over the past two decades.

Dr. Rothrock is a member of the Tennessee Medical Association, Memphis Medical Society, American Academy of Family Physicians, and National Board of Physicians & Surgeons.

Throughout his career, Dr. Rothrock has provided health care solutions for the diverse medical issues for generations of families. He has a deep passion for spending time with patients and developing valued relationships that make a real difference in his patients’ lives, including their personal health, happiness, and confidence.

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We are thrilled to now offer Aesthetics Services at Med Spa Cordova.

Patients are looking for marked improvement in their appearance with minimal downtime and a natural looking result. Throughout the many advances in aesthetic treatments, we are confident Scarlet is the most effective technology available to increase collagen production, tighten the skin, help resolve old scars and tighten pores, all with minimal downtime.

Our patients have been thrilled with their results! As a physician dedicated to improving people’s health and lives, we are proud to be Cordova’s own local aesthetic provider. We look forward to seeing you soon for a consultation!

Welcome to Med Spa Cordova! We are excited you are here!

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